Our Commercial Indoor Service includes a light mist spray around the baseboards of the Business under cabinets and small openings that are easily accessible, with a pesticide designed not to harm humans or animals. Although the product is tested to have no odor, some people have said they are sensitive enough to smell the product. That smell will eventually dissipate in approximately 1 day. The odor will not affect you or your employees.  We only recommend that you spray indoors in the case you have an initial indoor pest problem, and in few cases, a continuing indoor pest problem that can not be controlled by outdoor spray alone.


Our indoor Service will help to eliminate common pests that have an average breeding cycle such as crickets, earwigs, silverfish, cockroaches, etc. If your problem is more extensive, (ex. Scorpions, Roach Infestations) we will put together a pest control plan to suit your particular needs.


We will perform our professional service for you as best as we possibly can. In the event of an on going pest problem, We recommend that you continue using a service on a monthly basis as a preventative so that you may enjoy a pest free environment year round.