Our Residential Rodent Control is a basic set up of traps and baiting. Common areas of the home to be baited are Out Doors with specially designed Locked Bait boxes, made to keep the Kids and pets out, and let those pesky rodents in. Inside the boxes is a bait block with a product designed to humanely euthanize the pest. Also included if the need arises a non lethal Glue trap can be set indoors as to use no toxic chemicals or poisons in the home. These traps fold into tent like boxes and are placed along the base boards to trap the rodents where they are most common to traffic. sometimes they are scented with the smell of peanut butter lo lure the rodent to its most common food (seeds and nuts).


Our Residential Bird Control utilizes no pesticides at all. For bird control, we may use Spikes, Chicken cage wire or any means necessary to stop the birds from having a nesting place. Control products used to stop them from landing or nesting may be placed in areas such as ledges, cross arms, and roofs and eves. Bird control is very important in controlling the spread of infections disease such as West Nile Virus, Avian Flu, Bird Flu & St. Louis Encephalitis. Call or Contact Cs