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Welcome to Bob's Bug Bizz - Serving the Phoenix Metro area for over 33 years.


Pests are a reality of everyday life, so in turn there is a need for pest control maintenance.  There are almost 100,000 types of pests in the United States and over 50 common household pests in Phoenix Arizona alone so no matter how clean you may be, pests will be present. Pests can not only cause physical damage to your home, they can also spread germs, aggravate allergies and simply make your environment downright uncomfortable. that is why pest control is so important.


Pests systematically seek out entry points and invade your home to obtain food and water. Once pests find a way in your home, your home provides a perfect environment for them to flourish. We understand the areas of your home that are most susceptible to pest activity and use the most sound & effective pest control products to manage the problem. There are many common pest control techniques that can used to reduce and eliminate pest activity. The most common technique for removal is application of pesticide. When applied properly it will eliminate most of the surface pests almost immediately. After the application the product has dried it still continues to work for approximately 20 to 30 days, after which you will need to re-apply.




              The exterior of your home is the pest's natural environment. The exterior of your property contains numerous active  pest harborage areas. These areas support pest activity providing shelter, access to moisture and a fertile environment to live  and breed.



These are areas that are right outside your home. These areas provide easy access to

the interior of your home.

Foundation    Soffits    Windows

Eaves    Doors    Plumbing
Thresholds    Electrical Sockets

Vents    Downspouts    Garage



Your home's interior can provide the food and shelter pests need to thrive. Pests can easily gain access to your home through improperly sealed areas. Once inside, pests thrive by seeking out food that is improperly stored or not secured and by seeking out moisture sources such as under sinks, in bathrooms and kitchens.









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